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Burr and Burton Academy

Established in 1829, Burr and Burton Academy is an independent high school, accepting students from 12 surrounding towns. We embrace the diversity of backgrounds and abilities of all students who come to Burr and Burton. Our mission is to educate our students intellectually and morally for a life of responsibilitiy, integrity and service based on the following core values:
1. Offering engaging, vigorous education experiences
2. Respect for individiual differences
3. Expecting the highest standards of performance and behavior
4. Mindset of perseverance
5. Creating a supportive and caring community
Burr and Burton offers a diverse curriculum with the goal of educating global citizens for the 21st citizens. Advanced, innovative and creative learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom support this goal. Our faculty are talented, dedicated and highly motivated to make sure that each student will reach their full potential and find a mentor within our staff. Personal and professional excellence is an expectation of all who work at Burr and Burton.
In addition, our campus offers the ideal environment for learning with modern, functional facilities, and the latest technological tools for students, faculty and staff. Burr and Burton’s academic record is strong and our students rank at or near the top in statewide assessment. We offer an array of AP, Honors and College Preparatory courses along with general level classes.

Contact Information
Burr and Burton Academy
57 Seminary Avenue, P. O. Box 498
Manchester , VT 05254